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Bitcoin is a form of digital currency which is based on an open source code that was created and is held electronically. Bitcoin is a decentralized form of currency, meaning that it does not belong to any form of government and is not controlled by anyone.
The original Bitcoin code was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto under MIT open source credentials. In 2008 Nakamoto outlined the idea behind Bitcoin in his White Paper, which scientifically described how the cryptocurrency would function. Bitcoin is the first successful digital currency designed with trust in cryptography over central authorities. Satoshi left the Bitcoin code in the hands of developers and the community in 2010. Thus far hundreds of developers have added to the core code throughout the years.
This is a yet another controversial topic. Because of the freedom and the degree of anonymity that the use of Bitcoin offers, many users who were seeking to purchase or solicit illegal goods or services initially turned to the use of Bitcoin as a method of payment.
The registration procedure is very simple and takes only a few minutes and steps. Please, specify your personal data in the appropriate boxes on the registration page. After completing the registration you will have to verify your account via your email to access your Personal account. To enter, use your email and password specified during registration.
Here are the list of trusted exchanger where you can buy bitcoin from
During registration, you will have to specify your account manager, investment plan and the amount you wish to invest in bitcoin format with Bit4investors in the appropriate box provided after which you proceed to your dashboard where you have different method of funding your account. We have provided you with bitcoin calculator on the frontpage which will enable you convert bitcoin to dollar.
Click on forgot password after an attempt to login and be rest assure that you will automatically receive email with link to reset your password but if the problem persist, feel free to mail support@bit4investors.com for further assistance or contact your account manager
No. The creation of several accounts with a view to increase of referral bonus on accounts is strictly forbidden.
Yes! You can have as many deposits as you want.
If there is delay in crediting your account, please contact your ACM(Account manager) or our support with your transaction details.
Login to your account using your username and password and check "Withdraw Funds" section, on due time for your withdrawal, specify amount to withdraw and click on cash out, within 6 hrs your account will be credited
No, profits are credited to your Bit4investors account and you can withdraw them anytime.
The minimum deposit is $3000 as starter
The minimum withdrawal depend on your total profit but maximum is unlimited
No, our server connectivity forbid undue withdrawal before the due date
We don't charge any fee for withdrawals or for any other type of transaction.
Withdrawal will be processed instantly. In case of any issue, we reserve 24 hours to complete all withdrawal requests. So, please remain patient.
Yes! All registered participants have the opportunity to receive referral commissions from every deposit of your invited referral.
You can find referral link and banners in the "Refferals" section after you login to your account.

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